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Winterize Your Irrigation System to Save Water Costs

One day we are enjoying a lovely day with 75- to 80-degree weather and before you know it, the temperature drops to 35 degrees overnight. North Texas might even be looking at our first freeze of the season. It is not too late to winterize your irrigation system to prevent water loss and icy walkways. Prepare your irrigation system for
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VMC Landscape Wins 2014 Friends of IREM Award

  The  Dallas IREM Industry Awards Luncheon was held recently in Trinity Grove and WFAA’s Dale Hansen of  Dallas kicked off the afternoon. We are pleased to announce that VMC Landscape has won the 2014 Friends of IREM Award.  Our Director of Sales, Mark Slicker, who co-chairs the annual IREM Golf Tournament committee won IREM President’s Award. About the Friends of IREM Program The Friends of IREM program
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Should You Add Mulch Around Trees and Plants in Late Fall?

Adding a fresh layer of mulch around your trees and plants is just important in Fall and winter landscaping as it is in the spring and summer.

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3 Tips for Successful Winter Overseeding

Overseeding will also help to improve the appearance of the existing grass by filling in areas damaged by drought, diseases or other pests. By making your grass grow thicker, overseeding can also thicken and increase the density of thin turf and strengthen the turf in time for spring, giving it better resistance to disease and drought.

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Fall Landscaping Checklist to Prepare Your Property For Winter

October is a great time to prepare the plants on your property for the coming cold weather. In Dallas County you can expect to see the first frost around the end of November, so you can plant shade trees, ornamental trees, and shrubs. This is a short checklist of Fall and Winter Landscaping Tasks for North Texas Property Owners:

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Fall Landscaping Tasks for North Texas: Planting and Trimming Trees

Fall is the best time to start looking for new trees you’d like to plant this fall. Trees are a valuable investment on any commercial or residential property. They add beauty, as well as provide shade. But improper care and trimming can damage your trees. Careless pruning can cause them to become unhealthy and die.