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Fall Landscaping Checklist to Prepare Your Property For Winter

October is a great time to prepare the plants on your property for the coming cold weather. In Dallas County you can expect to see the first frost around the end of November, so you can plant shade trees, ornamental trees, and shrubs. This is a short checklist of Fall and Winter Landscaping Tasks for North Texas Property Owners:

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Fall Landscaping Tasks for North Texas: Planting and Trimming Trees

Fall is the best time to start looking for new trees you’d like to plant this fall. Trees are a valuable investment on any commercial or residential property. They add beauty, as well as provide shade. But improper care and trimming can damage your trees. Careless pruning can cause them to become unhealthy and die.

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September Landscaping Tasks: Prepare for Fall with Cool Season Plants

Now that summer is over, we can finally look forward to cooler weather. September is the month when you should start to sow cool season plants, and prepare trees and other landscaping on your property for fall weather.

Bittersweet Vines

Ask the Gardener: Will My Tree Survive Bittersweet Vines?

Is it possible for a cedar tree to leaf out again when a tree has been shaded out by the Bittersweet vines? See the advice the VMC Gardener gives to a new property owner.

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Common Sense Landscaping Saves Water and Money

Mark your calendars for the Save Water & Money with Common Sense Landscaping seminars. Sponsored by Dallas Water Utilities Conservation, City of Dallas Stormwater Management, and Mountain View College, these FREE seminars will be held on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at the Performance Hall (Building “E”) at Mountain View College.