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A sprinkler watering cut grass in the summer

Dallas Water Conservation to Offer Irrigation System Repairs Workshop

City of Dallas Water Conservation and Richland College are sponsoring a FREE irrigation workshop with local experts who will show you the ways you can maintain and perform simple repairs on your irrigation system.

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Ask the Gardener: Mulch

As you prepare your property for spring, you may have questions about basic landscaping tasks. We recently received a great question about one of spring’s most important landscaping tasks: applying mulch.

Rose Rosette Disease-cropped

Is There a Cure for Rose Rosette Disease?

What can you do if you see signs of Rose Rosette Disease in you roses?

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VMC Landscape is on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

Stay informed on the latest landscaping trends and news by following VMC Landscape on social media. We post regular updates on the VMC Landscape Facebook, as well as several time daily on Twitter. You can also find us on LinkedIn.

New Growth

Are You Prepared for Spring Landscaping?

After the cold, wet winter we experienced here in North Texas, you may have to deal with some landscaping issues on your property.

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Growing Trends: What are the Landscaping Trends for 2014?

Because styles change, you also want to keep the landscaping looking fresh and modern. These specific concerns are reflected in the trends in landscape design this year.