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North Texas Winter Landscaping Tasks for Trees

It’s important that trees are pruned properly and at the right time of year. The winter dormancy is a good time to do a major trimming and re-shaping of your shade trees and evergreen shrubs.

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North Texas Winter Landscaping Tasks for Plants

Most grasses are dormant in the winter months, so you might think that winter is the time to take a break from landscaping. Quite the opposite. The winter months are the best time to prepare your property for spring.

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Winterize Your Irrigation System to Save Water Costs

One day we are enjoying a lovely day with 75- to 80-degree weather and before you know it, the temperature drops to 35 degrees overnight. North Texas might even be looking at our first freeze of the season. It is not too late to winterize your irrigation system to prevent water loss and icy walkways. Prepare your irrigation system for
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Should You Add Mulch Around Trees and Plants in Late Fall?

Adding a fresh layer of mulch around your trees and plants is just important in Fall and winter landscaping as it is in the spring and summer.