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What Happened to Your Lawn During Winter?

During the late fall and winter months weeds and other pests may have invaded your grass. As you inspect your property be on the lookout for these common problem in your turf grass:

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Ask the Gardener: Winter Treatments for Dormant St. Augustine Grass

What is the best treatment for dormant St. Augustine grass? The VMC Gardener answers your questions about when to apply the first fertilizer and what is best formula.

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Winter Rye Grass Planting in North Texas

October is the time of year when property owners who want a green lawn during the winter months generally overseed their lawns with winter rye grass. Tips For Planting Winter Rye Grass:

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Turf Wars: How to Win the Battle with 3 Common Grass Problems

Turf grass in North Texas is fighting a constant battle with three common problems: diseases, weeds and insects. What can you do to fight them?

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Is Your Grass Ready For Summer?

No other lawn care practice has more effect on the overall health of your lawn than mowing. It is very important to adjust your mowing practices seasonally to reduce the level of stress placed on your turf.