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5 Great Ornamental Grasses for North Texas

Ornamental grasses add dramatic visual effect to your property, The tall flowing foliage, variety of textures and colors provide you with many choices that will fit into your properties’ landscape design. Ornamental grasses are often used to add interest to your landscape design, to fill barren spaces, as well as in container planting.

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2014 North Texas Watering Restrictions

Many North Texas cities have watering restrictions, which apply to the use of hose−end sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems on both commercial and residential properties. What can you do to keep the landscaping on your property looking good?

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How A Drip Irrigation System Can Help Reduce Your Landscape Watering Costs

Texas summers can be tough on turf grass, plants and trees. The heat increases the need to keep the plants on your property well watered. Is drip irrigation right for your property?

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What You Need to Know About Integrated Pest Management

The goal of Integrated Pest Management is to eliminate pest problems by strengthening and stabilizing the landscape and creating the proper balance of conditions that are more favorable for plants than for pests.