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How A Drip Irrigation System Can Help Reduce Your Landscape Watering Costs

Texas summers can be tough on turf grass, plants and trees. The heat increases the need to keep the plants on your property well watered. Is drip irrigation right for your property?

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What You Need to Know About Integrated Pest Management

The goal of Integrated Pest Management is to eliminate pest problems by strengthening and stabilizing the landscape and creating the proper balance of conditions that are more favorable for plants than for pests.

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Turf Wars: How to Win the Battle with 3 Common Grass Problems

Turf grass in North Texas is fighting a constant battle with three common problems: diseases, weeds and insects. What can you do to fight them?

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Is Your Grass Ready For Summer?

No other lawn care practice has more effect on the overall health of your lawn than mowing. It is very important to adjust your mowing practices seasonally to reduce the level of stress placed on your turf.

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North Texas Water Restrictions

Even though spring rains have brought up lake levels, Dallas and many North Texas cities have extended watering restrictions as a proactive water conservation measure. Take a look at this list of North Texas cities to find out what watering restrictions are in effect in your area.

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5 Great Ground Covers for North Texas

Ground cover refers to the low-growing variety of plants that have a running, trailing or spreading growth habit. Generally, ground cover plants need less water and are easy to maintain, making them an excellent choice as a substitute for turf grass. Using ground cover plants is a great way to add dimension and interest to the landscape design of your property, while lowering maintenance costs.